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Student Research

Engage in breakthrough research that enhances lives and shapes your career.

Why Conduct Research at Widener?

  • Develop insight and solutions to society-wide problems. Whether you’re investigating treatment paths for some of the world’s leading illnesses, human rights issues, the future of education, or anything in between, your research will make a tangible impact on the populations it affects.
  • Gain career-ready skills. Performing research relevant to your future profession will introduce you to the tools and technical skills that you’ll utilize on the job. On a broader level, research of any type challenges you to dissect complex issues, analyze data, and form solutions—skills that are valuable in any career.
  • Benefit from faculty mentorship. Our professors not only serve as leaders in their field—they’re committed to mentoring future professionals like you. They’re happy to help you excel academically, navigate applying to graduate school, uncover career possibilities, and talk through any ideas and issues that arise along the way.
Faculty Mentorship at Taylor Arboretum

Can I Get Involved in Research?

Short answer: Yes! When you picture research in action, a scientific or medical setting may come to mind first. And while these fields are indeed research powerhouses, it’s important to note that every profession conducts and utilizes research in its own way. The study of how people think and how things work is critical to the growth of nearly every industry.

Likewise, students in any academic program can engage in—and benefit from—research at Widener.

Graduate engineering student conducting research in a lab at Widener University.

How Do I Get Started?

Get in touch with your advisor to discuss your goals and interests and find out which research opportunities are available.


Research Experiences for Undergraduate Students

SURCA Symposium

Widener’s Summer Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (SURCA) program gives students across disciplines, from science to psychology to business, an opportunity to conduct in-depth research outside the typical academic year, and often without the time constraints of classes and extracurricular activities. 

The program culminates in an event where students showcase their work to the university community—a fantastic way to sharpen your presentation skills.

High-Impact Educational Practices Fair

With a focus on transformative teaching and learning practices, the event spotlights student research with faculty, as well as service learning, senior projects, and internships.

Honors Week

Students in the honors program present their research—and creative and civic engagement projects—daily throughout this event held each spring.

Research Experiences for Graduate Students

Graduate Student Research Symposium

Comprised of students from Widener’s College of Health & Human Services and School of Nursing, the event showcases the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, highlights diverse research topics and methodologies, and raises awareness about research promoting social justice, diversity, and inclusion. (Don't know if this counts or should be in a different section because it's a way to present research, not conduct it.)

Coursework and Other In-Class Opportunities

Many graduate degree programs infuse research into the curriculum, allowing you to gain practical skills, add valuable experience to your resume, and delve into a facet of your future field that sparks your interest.

Pride Perspectives

Shaylyn Westmoreland smiles for a photo at an industry research conference.

I loved having the opportunity to do research, but also having the opportunity to research with a large medical device company—that’s something you don’t see quite often.

Shaylyn Westmoreland

Shaylyn's Story
Daniël van der Spoel

My time at Widener was my very first interaction with chemical engineering and the medical side of things. I really like this and want to look into whether I can get a job in the future in this area.

Daniël van der Spoel

Daniël's Story
Vinny Csercsevits

Before doing this summer research experience, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. My experience on a research project opened me up to aerospace engineering.

Vinny Csercsevits

Vinny's Story

“Speaking at TEDx has given me confidence to speak on large-scale social issues. I am thrilled I was able to bring awareness to human trafficking, and will devote my nursing practice to creating positive change that empowers survivors.”

Natalie Sassi

Natalie's Story
Randy LeBar leaning against a tree

“It has been a wonderful experience so far because of the support I received.”

Randy LeBar

Randy's Story
Student holds a citizenship document while standing in front of a background with American flag and other Americana

Widener is definitely like a home away from home. I spend a lot of time here, so I’ve gotten used to the environment. It’s very comfortable and everyone here is really nice.

Dimple Gandevia

Dimple's Story