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At Widener, we prioritize and celebrate diverse perspectives, fostering a strong sense of community that highly values your unique contribution, creating an inclusive and nurturing environment that enhances every aspect of your college journey with a profound sense of belonging and connection. 

How You Can Discover Community at Widener

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Get Involved on Campus

Joining diverse clubs and organizations at Widener University, from Greek life to cultural and academic groups, offer opportunities for you to connect with like-minded peers, fostering camaraderie, personal growth, and a strong sense of inclusion. Whether collaborating on projects, attending events, or contributing to campus life, your participation in these groups is a pathway to lasting connections and a vibrant, inclusive university experience.

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Join a Specialty Housing Community

Discover a transformative living experience at Widener through our diverse specialty housing options. Whether you choose themed, living-learning, or gender-inclusive communities, you'll find an immersive environment that not only supports academic success but also enhances your sense of belonging. Forge lasting connections with faculty, elevate your academic performance, and actively engage in campus life by choosing one of our unique specialty housing options.

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Embrace Widener's Traditions

 By attending homecoming events and athletic games, you not only contribute to the vibrant spirit of our community but also forge connections with fellow students and alumni. Participating in spirit weeks and campus celebrations allows you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of our university culture, fostering a shared identity and a deeper connection with your peers through these collective experiences.

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Lean on Our Network of Support

Widener prioritizes student belonging through a robust support system. From cultural centers to mentorship with advisors and professors, along with accessible counseling services, our commitment ensures that every student feels supported, contributing to a strong sense of belonging in the Widener community.

Dive into our network of support and resources

Your Top Belonging Questions, Solved

Feeling homesick is a normal experience, especially early on in your college journey. To cope, attend residence hall events, join clubs, or attend social gatherings to meet people and build new connections on campus. 

Recognize the importance of maintaining communication with family and friends. Staying connected with loved ones provides a sense of familiarity and emotional support, helping to bridge the gap between the new environment and the comfort of home. Regular phone calls, video chats, or even sharing updates through messages can contribute significantly to easing feelings of homesickness.

Additionally, scheduling an appointment at CAPS and talking to a counselor can provide valuable support in navigating homesickness. Over time, as you actively engage in campus life and build friendships, the sense of belonging will likely strengthen, making the adjustment smoother.

Not clicking with your roommate can be hard, but try not to let one relationship define your entire dorm experience. Give yourself grace - you just met this person and adjusting to sharing space takes time. Focus on building community more broadly on your floor and hall, while also communicating respectfully with your roommate about expectations and boundaries. 

Speak to your RA who can mediate issues. If ultimately there seems to be a values clash or ongoing tension, don't hesitate to email With effort and perhaps some trial and error, most students do find the dorms to feel like home with close friends down the hall. 

Don't isolate in your room if you and your roommate don't connect. This is a chance to practice conflict management and expand your social circle by putting yourself out there more with other students. You’ve got this!

Absolutely! We provide comprehensive first-year student support, recognizing the importance of your college transition. Our programs aim to offer guidance, resources, and mentorship, laying the foundation for your academic success, personal development, and a positive overall college experience. Explore some of our support services below:

PRIDE Mentoring Program: 

The PRIDE Mentoring Program pairs new students with experienced mentors for continuous support in their first year, offering an opportunity to forge connections and navigate the university. The program provides ongoing support through workshops and activities, helping students improve academically, make connections, adjust to college life, understand academic culture, and develop leadership skills.

Learn more about PRIDE mentoring program 

Academic Support & Resources: 

Additionally, our team of caring professionals offers academic coaching, tutoring, and support to keep you on track, empower you to achieve your academic potential, and foster your success. Even better, Widener offers many of these resources throughout your entire college experience!

Learn more about out academic support and resources 

Absolutely! At Widener we offer a wide range of activities and events that are open to all students, regardless of whether they are part of a specific club or organization. You can explore intramural sports, attend cultural events, participate in community service projects, or join open forums and discussions. Check out our larger events the campus event calendar  or on Experience Widener for smaller events run by our clubs and organizations. 

Acknowledging the challenges faced by international students, we understand that cultural adjustment, language barriers, academic differences, and navigating administrative and legal processes can be daunting. To ensure a positive and successful college experience, please explore the link below, offering tools, guides, documents, online forms, and more tailored to international students and scholars.

Learn more about international student support 

If find you or someone you know who is struggling with isolation or mental health concerns, please utilize Widener's Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). Our team of dedicated counselors has your well-being at heart. We are committed to creating a supportive environment where you feel heard, understood, and provided with the resources you need for your mental and emotional health. 

CAPS offers a number of services including: 

  • Individual therapy 
  • Daily walk-in hours 
  • Crisis intervention  
  • Workshops and mental health trainings 
  • Consultation to faculty, staff, families, and outside care providers 

Learn more about CAPS

Schedule an Appointment

Finding deep connections as an LGBTQ+ student can have added complexities, but this campus offers robust resources focused directly on welcoming and elevating LGBTQ+ voices. 

Many identity-based student organizations also foster belonging; try joining SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Alliance) and other groups reflecting your interests.

To further enhance your sense of community Widener also offers gender inclusive housing options, which provides housing options for residential students of all gender identities to live as neighbors in the community.

Beyond community, know that discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity violates university policies. If issues emerge with instructors, housing, other students, etc. report confidentially to Widener's Title IX Coordinator. 

Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct Reporting Form

Additionally, you are welcome to access our Safe Space Ally program at Widener. We have established multiple safe spaces on campus for individuals facing challenges related to bullying, harassment, the coming out process, gender identity, or similar issues. These judgment-free zones are staffed by trained allies who are ready to listen, help you navigate challenges, and provide additional resources as necessary.

Belonging Support & Resources

Pride Perspectives

Widener student Ariana Hurtado-Day

Being able to have these internships and experiences outside of the classroom makes me feel happy because not only am I able to build connections, but I’m getting experience and understanding with the career that I want.

Ariana Hurtado-Day

Ariana's Story
Adonijah Allsup, wearing a blue fraternity sweater, poses next to a stone marked 1914

It’s really important to me to be involved in setting an image, especially for first-generation students or people who are shy or minority students on campus. I want to use my voice.

Adonijah Allsup

Adonijah's Story
Student holds a citizenship document while standing in front of a background with American flag and other Americana

Widener is definitely like a home away from home. I spend a lot of time here, so I’ve gotten used to the environment. It’s very comfortable and everyone here is really nice.

Dimple Gandevia

Dimple's Story
Desiree Junfijiah points to a computer screen she's working on

I feel like it’s my job to help someone who comes after me – women and also black people in tech. I think about myself. I didn’t have someone to look to.

Desiree Junfijiah

Desiree's Story
Headshot of Patton Vo

When I was struggling with my own identity, Widener never turned its back against me. And that’s exactly the type of experience I want to provide other students.

Patton Vo

Patton's Story
Jose-Luis Vasquez stands on platform in front of high school graduates in caps and gowns

What I’ve learned through the MEd program is the skills to succeed, whether it is organizational administration, coaching and developing leaders, or even the vernacular to know what is going on in the world of higher education.

Jose-Luis Vasquez

Jose-Luis's Story
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Valuing Each Student's Belonging – Report Anything that Doesn't

At Widener, we prioritize creating an inclusive community and strongly condemn discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct. We prioritize the well-being and safety of every individual, urging students to report any incidents of discrimination or harassment based on a protected class, such as race, gender, or sexual orientation.

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